Our Activities

Our tools to empower young vulnerable women & children are as follows:

  •  Educational Support Programme. 

  • Economic Empowerment Programme. 

  •  Social & Cultural Community Outreach Programme.

Our Activities

  • We advocate about child-rights & child-protection through all organizational activities & approaches.

  • We spread awareness & education on Human-Trafficking, Child-Rights & Child Protection issues.
  • We aim at providing all our services with a ‘Survivor-Centric Approach’.

  • We train village & community members on issues of Human-Trafficking, Child-Rights & Child Protection & other relevant social issues.

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Our Future Goal

Be Sponsor in our Project.

Our future Goal is to start up a Shelter in Siliguri especially for Young Vulnerable women and Children giving them an environment conducive to thrive & equipping them economically and socially.